“Avengers: Age of Ultron” – Review: Has Perspective of This Film Changed Over The Years?

Being arguably one of the most anticipated sequels, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is a film that isn’t talked about enough. Upon its release in 2015, most people enjoyed the film, with an audience rating at 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. Since then, most people rate this film towards the bottom of their personal MCU rankings. Let’s be clear, every single MCU released so far has been a financial hit. All films are subjective, but Marvel has yet to “drop the ball” on any film. Saying that this film falls towards the bottom of most people’s list actually speaks highly of how Marvel continues to pump out entertaining and compelling films.

[Credit: Marvel Entertainment]

The Avengers reassemble as director Joss Whedon delivers yet again on a comic book adventure. These events take place after “Iron Man 3” which this film seems to contradict a lot of what happened in the previous flick, but that’s besides the point. We find that Bruce and Tony are on the verge of creating Ultron, a peacekeeping program designed to basically do all of the dirty work for our Avengers. Things go awry which leads the Avengers to stop the technological horror who will not stop until he precedes with human extinction.

[Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

This film had a lot going for it, but at the same time, it does have significant narrative and pacing issues. As far as the cast goes, once again, each cast member does a fantastic job at bringing their characters to life. As with the first Avengers film, you get the feeling of these characters and the events are taking place in the real world and are made believable. Now that “Captain America: Civil War” has been out a couple years now, it was interesting to see Stark and Rogers’ personalities clash in the first Avengers film, and slowly develops through this film as well which was a nice touch.

This phrase isn’t said often, but as far as “perfect casting” goes, James Spader fits the bill. Known for his phenomenal voice, Spader just makes you want to listen to him reading a dictionary for hours on end. There were a lot of character issues with Ultron that could have been fleshed out more, but Spader done all he could do to bring this character to life and to give it his all, which makes him a pure stand-out in this film.

[Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

The action sequences are intense, and that’s a good thing because the previous film set such a high bar with the action. Watching Hulk smash the Ultron bots were incredible and everybody fighting together in the mosque was jaw-dropping. Even the opening sequence was filled with pure popcorn loving moments sprinkled in with wisecracking Tony Stark. Even with moments of plot issues, most of the dialogue in this film is incredible. Whedon’s humor does shine in the dialogue and it is certainly entertaining throughout. The addition of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver was a good addition, but goes no where higher than that. As with Ultron, these two characters could have been better developed, but it was still engaging to see Elizabeth Olsen go to town on robots at the end.

The Hulkbuster versus Hulk sequence is probably everyone’s favorite in the film. It was teased earlier in the film that “Veronica” was designed to calm down the Hulk, but watching the events unfold was amazing. Even though that sequence was and still is fun to watch, that scene is an example of one of the main problems with the film and that is its plot direction. Too many times in the movie there were moments where it felt like the filmmakers just wanted to put whatever they could in this film just to top the first film to make this one seem bigger better, which unfortunately, cost them precious plot development which then hurt the final product.

[Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

After rewatching this film, it never gets to the point where it’s dull, but it also sets up more of the Infinity Stone storyline which is the main story throughout the MCU. It just feels like the could have fleshed this film out a bit more, but it’s still a quite enjoying ride and is worth a rewatch, especially if you want to get more pumped for “Avengers: Endgame.”

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” = B-


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