‘The Avengers’ – Review: The Film That Proved Out The MCU

Closing out the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The Avengers” was, no doubt, probably the most anticipated comic book movie to be released. There was so much at risk for this film to be made that if it hadn’t worked, it would have destroyed Marvel Studios and everything they were hoping to achieve in the future. This was THE film that culminated the narrative thus far in the MCU and the fact that it worked blows people’s minds to this day. The film should not have worked, but what director Joss Whedon did with this film and its direction put the MCU on an entirely new level.

[Credit: Marvel Entertainment]

Not only was the film bringing together the four biggest characters, but the film also featured Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and agents Maria Hill and Phil Coulson. Bringing in the four giants of the MCU in one movie was a bit troubling to think about, not knowing how well that would work, but the fact that Joss Whedon was able to tell a coherent story with jaw-dropping battle sequences and engaging dialogue WITH all of the other characters is unbelievable. This film worked on so many levels that many people even consider this to be in their top three comic book movies.

[Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

The way the characters were handled in this film was phenomenal. Each character had their moment such as switching from an Iron Man-centric scene to a Thor-centric scene, it felt very organic while also allowing them to maintain their essence without feeling like the story was serving each character.

Loki made a triumphant return in this film, although he was presumed dead the last time we saw him in “Thor.” Tom Hiddleston continues to prove himself as the god of mischief, but some people may criticize the lack of a pure face-off between Loki and the Avengers. But the story is that this group of remarkable heroes must put away their differences and learn to work together to face the invasion of thousands of aliens flooding New York. Don’t be mistaken, Loki is a formidable foe, but how great was that scene with Hulk throwing him around like a rag doll?

[Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

By observing the production value, alone, you can tell Marvel Studios put a lot of time, effort, and heart into this film. The fact that they were able to pull off an engaging storyline while pleasing both comic book fans and general audiences are beyond belief. For fans, there is so much in this film that oozes comic book goodness. There are so many hoorah moments that amplify the viewing factor whether it’s Bruce “Hulking out,” the tag-team moments, or the famous 360 shot of the Avengers assembling for the first time.

Seven years later, there’s no doubt that people watch this film three to four times a year. Although the narrative is intriguing in itself, it’s mainly the core characters that drive this film and will most definitely put a smile on your face. This film isn’t perfect, sure, but from beginning to end, “The Avengers” supplies pure enjoyment and set a new standard for comic book movies moving forward.

“The Avengers” = A+


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