3 Ways Disney Can Utilize The Marvel Properties From 21st Century Fox

As Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox draws near, the $71.3 billion purchase not only sets Disney up for more franchises but also raises questions as to how Fox’s Marvel properties (X-Men, Fantastic Four) would thrive moving forward. It’s no surprise that Disney would make this offer, seeing as that Disney has made this move before by obtaining Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm properties; turning a huge profit in the long-run.

What most people are concerned about is how Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four will integrate into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if at all. Even though Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige has stated that he’s “excited” about the merger and characters, there have been no further details. Here are 3 ways Disney can integrate the Fox Marvel properties:

3. Using The Disney Streaming Service

Image via Disney

Whether you’re a fan of Netflix or not, you can’t deny that they have been dominating across all other streaming platforms. One of the main and important reasons Netflix is such a juggernaut is due to its original content and loaded library. There are so many things to choose from whether you’re in the mood for tv shows or movies. It’s no surprise that Dinsey wants to partake in the streaming game as well, as they also have a large library. What better place to put new Fox/Disney original content? Disney Plus.

Launching in late 2019, the Disney Plus streaming app could very well be the answer. What Disney can take advantage of (even after acquiring Fox’s assets) is to take the new app and use it as sort of a “testing ground” for new content. Disney CEO Bob Iger has expressed his enthusiasm with the new application by going on record saying:

“We’re going to launch big, and we’re going to launch hot.”

Source: cnbc.com

One thing that can be pointed out in this quote is he understands what they’re doing and this sheds a little more light on what they could be doing with Fox’s Marvel content. Although Iger was talking about Disney as a whole, there may be somewhat of a chance that the X-Men and Fantastic Four could be brought in under the streaming service rather than on the big screen, at least for now. Though this may very well be the least likely route they would take, it is a theory that has been going around.

Disney has already announced multiple shows being developed exclusively for the streaming app including the Loki, Vision and Scarlet Witch series, along with multiple Star Wars shows such as ‘The Mandalorian’ and the Cassian Andor series. It would be challenging to do individual X-Men character series, which is why they should stick to an ensemble show, considering how crowded the MCU already is.

2. Creating A Universe Separate From The MCU

Image via Revenge of The Fans

Ever since Fox accepted Dinsey’s massive offer, fans have been drooling at the thought of X-Men and the Fantastic Four finally joining the MCU. Although on the surface, this may seem like a perfect idea: Marvel heroes returning home, once you look a little deeper, it may not all be that great.

Let’s not look past the fact that Kevin Feige has done what all film producers just dream of doing. Feige has been working on Marvel properties for over 20 years and he has learned what works and what doesn’t when trying to tell good stories to appease both comic-book fans and general audiences. That being said, Feige may have some other plans for the mutants and the first family.

Although most people would probably say that they’d rather have Fox’s Marvel properties finally come home and join the MCU, the thought of Marvel Studios developing a separate universe specifically for the X-Men and Fantastic Four doesn’t seem all that bad. Coming from someone who has followed the MCU since the beginning with “Iron Man,” the current MCU seems a bit too crowded and adding hundreds, if not thousands of new characters may feel a bit too tight.

1. Consolidate By Using Different Timelines/Universes

Image via Marvel

Another least likely (but possible) way Disney could combine the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the MCU is by using separate timelines converging into one. We’ve seen in 2016’s “Doctor Strange” that there are multiple universes and timelines that coexist, so the answer to Fox’s Marvel properties may just lie in one of those pre-existing universes.

After the devastating end of “Avengers: Infinity War,” we may be getting some massive ramifications moving forward. Spoilers aside, characters may not come back as they once were after “Avengers: Endgame.” The entire universe itself may be changed and Marvel could use this as a segway into adding the other Marvel characters.

They could answer the Fantastic Four by having them trapped in some form of time warp where the events in “Endgame” may somewhat release them and therefore placing them in the current timeline. As for the X-Men, the way they could answer their existence is by having mutants be a new thing. The only way this could be problematic is that the X-Men lure has explained that mutants have been around for hundreds upon thousands of years, and to have them suddenly show up may not settle well with audiences.

Wrapping Up

Either way, we shouldn’t doubt Kevin Feige as he most likely knows EXACTLY where to place these new heroes and we may be just blowing hot air. The fact that Fox’s Marvel properties will finally be home should be exciting enough. There are some exciting stories and characters that can be explored and don’t be surprised if something is announced by this summer.

What do you think about the merger? Is this a good call for Disney? How will Fox’s Marvel heroes be added to the MCU? Leave your comments below!

Source: cnbc.com, THR, Comicbook.com, Variety


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