‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Will Take Lead At Box Office For Third Weekend In A Row

As we approach Labor Day Weekend, box office reports are suggesting Crazy Rich Asians will take lead for the third weekend in a row with Mission Impossible: Fallout still making the top 5 for six weeks in a row. What’s incredible is seeing this film still outperforming other films and continuing to exceed expectations.

There’s only one thing driving this film up at the box office and that’s ‘word of mouth.’ People are loving this movie and it shows that these kinds of films (rom-coms) still have an audience out there. According to The Hollywood Reporter, if this film does what experts suspect will happen this weekend, Crazy Rich Asians will be the “most successful live-action comedy in two years.”

It’s expected to make around $25-$30 million including the 4-day weekend, but if I was to put an exact number on it, I would say $25.7 million.



It’s also important to note that Oscar Isaac’s latest film Operation Finale may bring in some decent traffic. While it brought in just over $1 million on Wednesday showings, that’s about on par with what is expected. It’s very possible this film makes top 5 this weekend.



1. Crazy Rich Asians – $25.7 Million

2. The Meg – $13 Million

3. Mission Impossible: Fallout – $10 Million

4. Operation Finale – $8.5 Million

5. The Happytime Murders – $7.5 Million


Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo, Variety


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