‘The Walking Dead’ Make-Up Effects Artist Greg Nicotero Joins ‘Spawn’ Reboot

Ever since 1997’s unspeakable Spawn film, fans have been looking forward to another shot at the Image comic book character. As a huge fan of the character, it feels good to see Todd McFarlane teaming up with Blumhouse Productions to get a reboot off the ground. So far, there have been some interesting casting choices including Jaime Foxx as Spawn and Jeremy Renner being cast as Twitch.


The latest addition, according to Movieweb, is Walking Dead’s make-up artist Greg Nicotero. This isn’t the first time Nicotero has teamed up with McFarlane. The duo paired up for the 1997’s Spawn where Nicotero helped design the look of the titular character. According to to the article, he seems to very enthusiastic about returning to the character:

“I’ve been friends with Todd since we did the original Spawn, and the guy’s just a genius. I love the way his mind works. He thinks very, very graphically. I know he really loves the idea of Spawn being dark, and I love the animated show. It’s just a really great opportunity for us to get a chance to collaborate again.”

With the people attached to make this film happen, along with a small budget of $10-12 million, things are starting to shape well for this film. At this point, it looks like Spawn may end up being a well-rounded comic book film. If the movie ends up doing well, we may end up seeing more Image characters come to the big screen.

Sources: Movieweb, USA Today, TV Insider


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