‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Destroyed At The Box Office For Its Second Week

While only predicting an estimated $18 million for its second weekend, Crazy Rich Asians brought in just over $25 million. It seems that these past few weeks have been proven people wrong when it comes to box office numbers. As mentioned in the report from Box Office MojoCrazy Rich Asians’ box office numbers may even surpass its $25 million by Monday afternoon, and for good reason.

People are really enjoying this movie and as I mentioned in another article, the word of mouth is what’s helping this film. What this shows is that you don’t need big action set pieces and giant franchise openers to bring people into the theatre. As a huge fan of comic book movies and giant action movies as a whole, it does feel good to see a film like this doing as well as it is. One of the best things about this film is that this will bring more independent filmmakers to bring on more romantic comedies or similar films.

‘The Meg’ Beats Out ‘The Happytime Murders’ Debut


Another takeaway from this weekend is that after three weeks, The Meg is still standing strong and its proven that people just keep coming and catching this flick. It even beat out Melissa McCarthy’s latest film (The Happytime Murders), coming in a few million dollars below expectations. I was sure that this film was going to get people in the seats but with a $10 million debut, it may not stick around much longer.

Sources: Ballinnn, Box Office Mojo, Screenrant


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