‘The Meg’ And ‘The Happytime Murders’ May Fight For Second Place At The Box Office

As August is coming to a close, it’s safe to say that this month has had some really good openings, including Mission Impossible: Fallout. Considering that it’s August’s biggest money-maker, there were similar films to come out including The Meg and Crazy Rich Asians. Coming in at another weekend, it looks like there will be a fight for second place.

1. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ – $17.5 Million


It’s no surprise that people are enjoying this film. As a fan of romantic comedies, it’s good to see a film like this do well critically and financially. It’s also important to note that Warner Bros. has already announced a sequel, which will likely go into production soon, seeing as that the first installment didn’t cost too much to make. Since people are enjoying this charming flick, it’ll hold on to the top spot for at least one more week.

2. ‘The Happytime Murders’ – $12.8 Million


Melissa McCarthy’s latest film will debut this weekend, which people are saying that, despite it being funny, it does suffer as an overall story. There have been multiple different reviews stating that it feels like an ’80s buddy cop film, which is enjoyable but suffers nonetheless. Seeing that the film is R-rated, it does limit its audience, but its raunchy, comedic tone should grab enough people to at least make the second spot.

3. ‘The Meg’ – $12.3 Million


Going into its third weekend, The Meg is still making a substantial amount of money which will likely keep it in the top 5 for at least 2 more weeks. This goes to show that the general public will, in fact, check out a film featuring a man fighting a giant shark. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this film actually takes second place but we’ll just have to see come Sunday to early Monday morning.

4. ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ – $6.5 Million


There’s no doubt that Fallout is easily one of the best films of the summer, let alone the entire year thus far. To some people, including myself, Fallout is probably my favorite of the six films. It’s no surprise that it’s still hanging on in the top five, but this may be the last weekend that it does. 

5. ‘Mile 22’ – $5.8 Million

Mark Wahlberg stars in MILE 22

As a Peter Berg fan, it does suck to see that this film isn’t making as much as it needs to. The source material is great, the actor choices were great, but as an overall film, it’s not as good as it should be. No doubt there are people out there that adore this film and that’s perfectly fine, but as it stands, the general public isn’t going out to see this film. While being a huge fan of Wahlberg, it is becoming a problem when actors or producers are putting their franchise before their first film, and that’s what’s happening here. According to the box office, they may not make another one as planned, but time will tell.

Sources: Collider, Box Office Mojo, Junkee, Screenrant, Deadline, Variety, Ballinnn



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