Should Blumhouse Obtain More Well-Known Horror Franchises?

Ever since it was announced that a new Halloween film would be coming out (completely ignoring everything after the original), there have been many people getting excited for this and they’re rightfully so. We have Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie and is being produced by Blumhouse. When you look back at recent Blumhouse films, most notably Split and Get Out, I’d say we can expect a good return from Michael Myers.

Halloween is probably the biggest horror franchise that Blumhouse has the rights to, but it seems that they may include other classics. During a recent fan Q&A Twitter exchange with Jason Blum, he dropped some interesting clues as to what big horror franchises Blumhouse may gain the rights to.

From a business perspective, they would pass a great opportunity if the didn’t obtain other big horror franchises if given the chance. Mr. Blum is a very good businessman and if he already made these types of comments, I’d go as far as to say there will be an announcement by the end of the year. He’s already been trying to get the rights to The Crow, but Scream, Alien, and Friday The 13th could potentially find a home at Blumhouse.

Obtaining the rights to these franchises seems to be what they all need right now. In a way, both parties can benefit. Although Blumhouse is a smaller company, they’ve been able to do a good job maintaining substantial budgets for their films. Considering the last runs at some of these titles weren’t well-received among audiences, it wouldn’t hurt to give Blumhouse a shot. If some of these rights go to Blumhouse and it doesn’t work with audiences, then they can sell to someone else, and Blumhouse probably wouldn’t lose as much money as a bigger production company would.

It would make sense for a company like Blumhouse to come in and really bring these characters (if given the rights), down to earth is just what they need. Something new and refreshing. The majority of the horror films we’ve been getting have been “okay,” but if these franchise rights land at Blumhouse, I think horror fans will be pleased.

What do you think about Blumhouse potentially getting the rights to some of the classic horror franchises? Do you think it will work out? Comment down below with your favorite horror franchise! I want to know your thoughts!

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Movieweb


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