Box Office Predictions: Will ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Be A Hit?

The Meg debuted with just north of $45 million at the domestic box office this past weekend was a sure surprise to most people. At this point, it’s safe to say that Mission Impossible: Fallout is easily one of the biggest movies of the summer, but as newer films are being released, these bigger films, including The Meg, will take a back seat. According to Box Office Mojo, last week’s top five consisted of the following:

  1. The Meg – $45.4 million
  2. Mission Impossible: Fallout – $19.3 million
  3. Disney’s Christopher Robin – $12.9 million
  4. Slender Man – $11.3 million
  5. BlackKklansman – $10.8 million

As the weekend draws closer, more films are coming out; most notably Crazy Rich Asians and Mark Wahlberg’s latest Mile 22. As for this weekend, let’s look at some predictions for the top five at the box office:

1. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ – $32 million (3 day)/$41 million (5 day)


The latest in the rom-com subgenre, this film has gained generally positive thoughts across the board. It’s also interesting to note that this is the first film in a while to feature an entirely Asian cast. Marvel’s Black Panther also had a similar approach by featuring a nearly entire all-black cast, which was important and it helped push the narrative and was important for the overall picture. The same thing goes with Crazy Rich Asians, and although I haven’t seen the film, I will be sure the check this out.

2. ‘The Meg’ – $22 million


While The Meg destroyed the box office this past weekend, it may be able to stay afloat just a little while longer. It’s projected to make right at $20 million this weekend, but considering with what we all seen this past week, I’d say anything is possible. One thing that will certainly help is that people are talking about this movie and not all of it is in a bad way.

3. ‘Mile 22’ – $14.5 million


Mile 22 is the latest film directed by Peter Berg and of course, starring Mark Wahlberg. Since the trailer, my anticipation level was really low. Although I wanted to see the film, everything from the story and trailers just couldn’t get me amped up like I wanted to be. Since yesterday, this film has been getting split reactions, but I’ll still at least check it out. I’m going to go under the projected numbers because it feels like people have better options, whether it be Fallout or even The Meg.

4. ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ – $13 million


Coming in at fourth place will probably be Fallout. Tom Cruise has paved his way throughout his career and this man, (who is nearly 60), shows no signs of slowing down. It’s clear evidence that people go to the theatre to watch Tom Cruise and I think this film will hold on to the top five for at least one more week.

5. ‘BlackKklansman’ – $8.2 million


One of the best things about this film is Spike Lee without a doubt. The other thing is because of the source material. This is one reason I’m going a little over expectations this weekend. This is another film that is important and as a long-time Spike Lee fan, I’m glad it’s getting good word of mouth and that it’s making money. Not because I need a sequel, but rather so we can get Spike Lee more often.

What do you think about this list? Do you agree, disagree? I want to know your thoughts!

Source: Box Office Mojo, IMDb, ScreenRant, Variety, FilmJerk, Deadline


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