‘The Meg’ Chomps At The Box Office While ‘BlackKklansman’ Made The Top 5

Even though there were some big films playing this weekend, The Meg took everyone by surprise by debuting at $146.9 million worldwide. The film took the number one spot at the box office while Spike Lee’s BlackKklansman debuted at just over $11 million globally. Beating out everyone’s expectations (including experts), The Meg came in at nearly double of what was projected – being around $23-$24 million.

1. ‘The Meg’ – $45.4 Million


There was no way to convince me that this film would have made as much as it did. After it was supposed to be rated-R and after having some filming issues, I thought there was no way this film would make its money back. I have to say that I was, in fact, wrong along with tons of other people out there. I had even gone lower than expectations by saying the film would come in around $21 million, but domestically it brought in just over $45 million. Now, this film has peaked my interest and it’ll be fun to see how this film turns out after its theatrical run.

2. ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ – $19.3 Million

mission-impossible-fallout-2Another thing to note is that Mission Impossible: Fallout is also doing well. But according to my box office predictions from last weekend, my thoughts were that it would have brought in at least another $25 million domestically. The reason for this was I didn’t think The Meg would outperform for the top spot this past weekend, but it looks like people wanted to see Jason Statham fight a giant shark. Who wouldn’t?

3. ‘Disney’s Christopher Robin’ – $12.9 Millionchristopher-robin-1075275-1280x0

Although a lot of hype was initially around this film just before its release, it’s not quite getting as much money as I thought it would have. I had given the film the benefit of the doubt by saying it would come in around $14 million, but it did take the third spot as I had predicted it would.

4. ‘Slender Man’ – $11.3 Million


This number seems pretty accurate for the film given that it is a horror/thriller flick. I did think it was a bit odd to put it with these other films that debuted, but it does make sense seeing as that it’s the only horror film currently out. I slightly overshot the film predicting it would come in around $13.5 million, but due to its low cinema score and the general public not enjoying the film, it more than likely won’t take the top five next week.

5. ‘BlackKklansman’ – $10.8 Million


Spike Lee has always been a director I look forward to and whether his movie made expectations or not, the fact that BlackKklansman made the top five makes me happy for him. However, I did overshoot this film predicting that it would have made at least $13 million domestic, but $10.8 million is still not a bad number, seeing as that it slightly surpassed expectations by nearly $2 million.

What did you go see this past weekend? What films do you think will hold up in the top five next week? Comment below!

Sources: Box Office Mojo

Images courtesy of Fox NewsDeadline, Ballinnn, Comic Book, CBS 58, FilmJerk


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