‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ – Review: Does It Hold Up To The Rest Of The Franchise?

Tom Cruise is arguably the best action star there is. After watching the sixth installment of the franchise (yes, that’s right, six), this film is definitely one of the best of the series. You would think that these films would just get annoying rather quickly, but since Mission Impossible 2, these films cease to amaze.

One of the things that make the Mission Impossible franchise so unique is that every film has had a different director other than Christopher McQuarrie helming the fifth and sixth installments. This way, every director can give their own spin or take on the story moving forward. Once again, McQuarrie delivers a beautiful, stunning, breathtaking film. Not only the direction but the cinematography was quite stunning and there were shots in this film that were beyond gorgeous.

Intense Action Sequences


This film is filled with jaw-dropping action scenes. From the helicopter sequence to the motorcycle/car chase to the hand-to-hand combat scenes was second to none. There have been many films to give incredible hand-to-hand combat sequences such as John Wick, Rocky, The Raid along with many others, but this film might just take the lead. The specific camera angles used to film the hand-to-hand combat scenes will put you at the edge of your seat. Every action scene was breathtaking and the 2 hours and the 30-minute runtime flew by way too quickly.

The Narrative


Now that all of the positives are out of the way without giving spoilers, it’s the overall plot of the film I could see people having an issue with. For the acting, everybody did incredibly well, but I wouldn’t consider the plot an issue with the film, it’s just that tons upon tons of information are dropped on the audience that you would have to pay close attention to keep up with the story. Personally, I don’t have a problem when filmmakers execute a film this way, but this could pose a problem with the casual movie-goer, however, the actions scenes may win them over.

Overall Thoughts


Going into August, Mission Impossible: Fallout is definitely one of the best films of the year and not because it’s a summer hit, but because it’s a really entertaining thrill ride that can be watched multiple times in the theatre. This film could have easily been three hours and it’s definitely one of the few films I’ve ever seen that I didn’t want to end. I strongly recommend this film to anybody and everybody.

‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ = A+


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